Sport Injuries

Sports Injury Treatment and Chiropractic Care

We at Oakview Chiropractic Center can help those with a sports injury. Located in Omaha, NE, our clinic can create a personalized treatment plan to get you back into the game. Our staff can also help grant you peace of mind by offering advice and answering questions.

Here are some things we at Oakview Chiropractic Center would like you to know about sports injury treatment.


Causes of a Sports Injury

Every injury is unique. Yet most problems result from improper form or repeated overuse. Although these can range in severity, a sports injury can occur in bones, joints, ligaments, or muscles. Injuries, like broken bones or torn ligaments, that are caused by a single, isolated event are called "acute injuries." Falls or hits fall into this category. Chronic injuries develop from extended, repetitive motions or overuse and can persist for much longer.

Which Home Remedies Work Best?

Not every sports injury requires special treatment. Try ice, compression, and elevation. These steps can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain. If symptoms do not improve using this method, contact our chiropractor for more treatment optional.

Types of Treatment Our Chiropractor Offers

Just like injuries themselves, treatments may vary. Our chiropractor in Omaha, NE, can develop an appropriate plan to address your needs. Chiropractic adjustments are most often used to help boost flexibility and help expedite recovery by realigning the musculoskeletal structure. Deep tissue massages and physical therapy may also be recommended.

Can Our Chiropractor Help Treat an Old Injury?

It's never too late to restore lingering issues. Athletes, especially those who start at a young age, experience decades of wear and tear on the body. Using similar treatment options like the ones listed above, our chiropractor can work to break down scar tissue that's been left behind.

How to Prevent a Sports Injury

Acute injuries are often tough to predict. However, there are steps you can take to minimize your risk of damage. First, always warm up or stretch prior to any activity. Never start "cold." Begin approximately a few minutes before any exercise and slowly build up the intensity. Pulls, tears, and strains are effectively reduced with proper warm up. Wearing adequate safety and protective gear is critical too.

Find a Chiropractor Serving Omaha, NE

We at Oakview Chiropractic Center in Omaha, NE, can do more than answer questions. Our chiropractor can provide personalized care. Don't let a sports injury keep you sidelined. Schedule an appointment today. Call us at (402) 334-0840.


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