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Back Pain Treatment with our Omaha Chiropractor

Back pain is more than just a nuisance. In fact, for many, the pain is debilitating and is accompanied by difficulties getting through the day. While analgesics or surgery are often part of the treatment process, opting for invasive or possibly addictive treatments is unnecessary when chiropractic care from Oakview Chiropractic Center, serving Omaha, Nebraska and the surrounding region, can possibly eliminate your pain. 

back pain

Causes of Back Pain

Inside of your back are nerves, soft tissue, and bones. Over time, you may damage the nerves and tissue as a result of wear and tear. A prime example is degenerative disc disease, which occurs when the discs in your back wear out over time and don't cushion the vertebrae adequately. Arthritis may happen because of wear and tear as well, but sometimes other reasons cause this joint condition like your immune system malfunctioning. 

Sciatica is another condition that affects your back. It stems from pregnancy or an injury that affects the sciatic nerve in your back. You could sustain an injury like a car accident, sports injury, or another type of personal injury that causes a herniated disc. A herniated disc occurs when a crack forms on the outer layer, and the contents protrudes out, sometimes causing issues with the surrounding nerves and tissue.

You could also develop a bulging disc, which occurs when the disc wears out, and the inner portion of it begins pushing outward. Scoliosis, spinal stenosis, or a sprain or stain might cause you back pain as well. 

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

Searching "chiropractor Omaha" is the first step to easing, and possibly recovering, from your back pain. At our office, our chiropractor may perform a spinal alignment. This particular treatment consists of our chiropractor using his hands to move the vertebrae in your spine, so they align with the discs. Ultimately, this procedure reduces pain and irritation because it relieves any pressure the vertebrae are placing on the nerves and soft tissue. Additionally, an adjustment promotes blood flow throughout the back. 

Our chiropractor may recommend exercise therapy in order to strength the muscles and other soft tissue in your back and also increase your flexibility. These activities improve the function of your back, which can not only help you heal but also reduce your pain. 

Massage therapy is another possible treatment. During this particular therapy, a professional performs a deep tissue massage that soothes sore muscles and reduces your pain and inflammation.

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