Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Treatment with our Omaha Chiropractor

There are two main types of lower back pain including mechanical pain and radicular pain. Mechanical pain happens when there is an abnormal amount of stress placed on the vertebral column and is usually caused by poor posture or improperly lifting heavy objects. Radicular pain radiates along a spinal nerve root and is usually caused by certain conditions, such as a herniated disc. No matter what type of pain is felt in the lower back, it often interferes with work and daily activities. If you suffer with lower back pain, you'll be glad to know that Oakview Chiropractic Center provides natural back pain treatment.

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Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

As already discussed, poor posture, improper lifting techniques, and certain conditions can cause lower back pain. Other common causes include:

  • Not having proper ergonomics at the office or while working on the computer at home
  • Straining the muscles in the back or over-stretching the ligaments
  • Sudden movements, such as a fall, that puts extras stress on the back
  • Sports injuries, especially ones that involve a great force of impact

Besides a herniated disc, other conditions that commonly cause lower back pain include degenerative disc disease, facet joint dysfunction, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, and compression fractures.  Deformities of the spine, such as scoliosis, is also another common cause of back pain. 

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

While pain is an obvious sign there is something wrong with the lower back, there can be other symptoms present as well. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Dull, aching pain that is sometimes combined with muscle spasms and decreased mobility
  • A tingling or numb sensation that travels to the buttocks, legs, and feet
  • Pain that worsens when sitting for a prolonged period of time
  • Pain that lessens after stretching or changing positions

Some people with pain might only feel it just after waking up in the morning but it begins to go away, once they are up and moving around. If you notice any of these symptoms, our chiropractor in Omaha can offer natural back pain treatment.

Diagnosing and Treating Lower Back Pain

Our chiropractor in Omaha will diagnose your lower back pain by doing a physical exam and taking a detailed medical history. Our chiropractor may also ask questions about your activity level, sleep habits, posture, and past injuries. Once the reason for your back pain is established, our chiropractor will treat your pain with chiropractic adjustments. Massage therapy, corrective exercises, and lifestyle advice may also be recommended.

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